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The next 5 years?

Now, the last 5 years, earlier,
the next 5 years


I’m a designer at Arabella, a software and product development company. I work remotely and focus on health care.

The last 5 years

Without revealing trade secrets:

5 years ago, I was working for a company that produced mobile apps. I designed apps for iOS, designed their conversions for Android (before Material Design), maintained contact with clients and prospects, worked closely with software developers, learned programming in Objective‑C, and actively used this programming knowledge in my daily work.

In the span of 12 months, I was able to take part in 6 mobile‑app projects:

  • 3 were projects I designed from scratch
  • 1 was a new version of an existing app in the App Store
  • 2 were projects inherited from other designers

I designed the apps and helped code my designs.

In October 2014, Adam Hoscilo called me, said he needed an extra pair of eyes for a mobile app project for a telco company, and invited me to cooperate. I agreed.

Was the project a success? Well, I can say that after the project, the client offered Adam additional ones, and he offered me the opportunity for long‑term cooperation.

Looots of prototyping. This was the common denominator of all our projects.

In 2015 and 2016, I had the opportunity to co‑create and look after the prototype of a large application, which we developed with the help of a technology used by YouTube in 2018.

In the meantime, we also created, among others things, an iPad sales app for the employees of a company that produces pacemakers. The customer got back to us after a few months, satisfied with the value provided by the app, and ordered an update and the creation of several new language versions.

When I wasn’t designing for money, I was working on civic tech projects.

In 2019, I took a break from client services and joined a product-focused SaaS startup: Deep.BI. I spent the whole year improving the design of Deep.BI's B2B software. I learned what I wanted to know about big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Above and beyond, I had a chance to put my theoretical knowledge about data visualization into practice. It was a goooooood year.


In a nutshell, before that:

  • In 2006 I worked remotely for foreign companies as a front‑end developer.
  • In 2007 I organized a barcamp in Zielona Gora, Poland.
  • From 2008 through 2009 I promoted the culture of technology entrepreneurship by co‑organizing a barcamp Aula Polska in Warsaw, one of the largest barcamps in Poland at the time.
  • From 2009 through 2013 I tried to bootstrap a company without subsidies and co‑financing.
  • I designed, optimized, accepted, supervised, commissioned, priced, sold, programmed, developed, maintained, edited, positioned, promoted, and tested websites and web applications for clients from micro‑enterprises to stock‑offering companies.

The next 5 years

  • I finish my current projects.
  • We work together on a profitable product or e‑commerce project.
  • I take advantage of the fact that we don’t know each other to take a look at your business from a fresh perspective.
  • I get to know your company and build trust.
  • Ultimately, I take off your shoulders entire business problems and opportunities, from A to Z.
  • I have a real impact on your business, and I don’t limit myself to nice pictures and long documents nobody will read.
  • I take responsibility for my work.
  • You can, but don’t have to, deal with the organization of my time and work.
  • Sometimes I take urgent things off your shoulders, and sometimes I do deep work.
  • You hear “no” and “I don’t know” from me.
  • If I don’t know something, I learn it.
  • If I don’t know how to do something, I learn how to do it.
  • We verify ideas and decisions using qualitative and quantitative data.
  • When needed, we use our intuition.
  • I work closely with whoever I need to work closely with – clients, partners, marketing, sales, business, software developers, etc.
  • You can entrust me with an interface, product, service, and process.
  • You have at your disposal an additional person who draws attention to the company’s outside communication tools (interface language, text on websites, press releases).
  • You have the comfort of talking about business, not pixels.
  • We test (hypotheses, usability).
  • We prototype.
  • We research.
  • We build.
  • We measure.
  • We analyze.
  • We learn.
  • We iterate.
  • I argue with you professionally and constructively.
  • I ask you “why?” annoyingly often.
  • I answer your every “why?”
  • I help with recruitment.
  • We take what’s valuable from the popular buzzwords and ignore the rest. #designsystem #machinelearning #designops
  • I document everything that needs to be documented.
  • You can count on my proactivity and commitment.
  • We work 40 hours a week.
  • We optimize conversions.
  • We navigate the unknown together.
  • We react nimbly to changes.
  • We achieve ambitious business goals.
  • I share knowledge. I’m equally happy to do so both inside and outside the company.
  • I’d love to try OKR and V2MOM with you.
  • If you’re not the owner of the company, our collaborative work contributes to at least one of your next promotions.
  • In the worst‑case scenario, in less than 5 years you’ll have a few business problems off your shoulders.
  • In the best‑case scenario, we’re still working together in 5 years.