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Browser sizes on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge Legacy,
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Resolution Browser Width1 Browser Height2
Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge LegacyGoogle ChromeMozilla Firefox

1 – The screen width minus the width of the scrollbar

2 – The screen height minus the height of the taskbar and the height of the browser’s user interface



Below, I share my Mosaic window manager preferences with the above table built in. I prepared the preferences for Firefox with a compact density toolbar in mind.

Due to the situation on the browser market, I do my best to work in Mozilla Firefox and test the effects of my work on Google Chrome, not the other way around.

I manage my windows with Mosaic because it lets me import and export preferences. After my last computer change, configuring my previous window manager took me several weeks of procrastination. Mosaic solves this problem.

If you want to use Google Chrome, add 17 to each height in your Mosaic preferences.

Warning: These preferences will overwrite all your Mosaic preferences.


Download preferences for Mosaic


May 2020