Greg Wolanski


I’m a designer who can code, but I tell people I’m a full‑stack developer who can design, because the order of those words strongly affects how much money you can make. 15+ years of experience. I work mostly with startups.

Portfolio & Resume

I’m as good as my last album and I just finished a contract for DEN Platform:

Screenshot of the DEN Platform



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the whiteboard interview

MichalDEN’s Software Engineer
  1. Experience DEN Platform (you can test 49% of it for free)
  2. Learn more about DEN (TechCrunch, 2023)
  3. What have you been working on here? (great question!)
  4. Where do you see yourself in 7 years? (design fiction exercise)


I stopped publishing under my name some time ago (I do it under a pseudonym now), but if you want to read something signed by me, I invite you to CSS‑Tricks and this very website.

Design Process

My favourite representation of the design process is The Squiggle by Damien Newman


When it comes to programming languages, I’m a polyglot. Lately, I’ve been writing mostly TypeScript for SvelteKit. In the past, I’ve worked with JavaScript, Python, Objective‑C, PHP, and a bit of Ruby. If you need me to know Go or—let’s say—Elixir, let me know, and I’ll learn it. Fast.


I play Zelda and Playdate instead of LinkedIn and Instagram


May 2024



I actively bookmark interesting code with stars on GitHub. Also, I’m a Shop‑o‑maniac.